Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Samantha Jayne!!!

Today is Samantha's 4th birthday! She is a big girl now! In celebration of her birthday I will post some of her best photos over the last four years! From Houston to San Marcos (two different apartments), to Live Oak, living with just mommy to living with another kitty, and then moving in with Dad at last!!, from thin to thick, this baby has done it all!

The first picture ever taken of Sammie, when Mom found her outside and called and told me she was bringing me a kitten! Sweet baby!


In our first apartment together. Poor Sambo had to stay in my  bedroom for the entire semester we lived there together. She only left my room once in our 6 months there.

Look at that skinny girl!!

Her first beautiful collar that she managed to lose! Not to mention how messy my room was!

Her first toy, a giant hot pink feather daddy bought her!

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